MapleStory Reboot Meso Guide 2020

MapleStory is a free 2d Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game where you can of course purchase items or services to give you a boost in the game. This is the case for regular serves whereas on the other hand we have a server called “Reboot” where you’re not allowed to sell/trade/buy items from other players. Meaning Reboot is a “Massively Singleplayer Online Role Playing Game”. I kid I kid. But to survive and advance on this server you need a ton of mesos throughout your maple career. Therefore to amount for this difference all monsters in Reboot drop higher amount of mesos while also making mesos the number one most valuable asset to advance, while giving us a Henesys Store (by the market) with various different items and perks.

In reboot you can get meso potentials on your Pendant, Rings, Earrings, Eye and Face accessory. Plus your inner ability. You would get 20% meso drop on each one of these equipment and inner ability. It would look like this:

Pendant → 20% Meso Drop

Rings → 20% Meso Drop

Earrings → 20% Meso Drop

Eye accessory → 20% Meso Drop

Face accessory → 20% Meso Drop


Inner Ability → 20% Meso Drop

Total: 120% Meso Drop

Normally the goal is to create a Kanna and obtain Meso Gear (as shown above) to grind for mesos. This way we can obtain the necessary mesos to let us advance further in the game. Of course this means there would be elite maps for meso farming which was the Bye-Bye Station farming map (instanced). Around level 150 you would go into this instanced map and grind away to obtain great results, but at the cost of constantly committing suicide to not allow you to level up and stay within range. The higher the level the higher the mesos cut. But Nexon ultimately ended this meso farming method as it was considered ‘against the rules’ so now players need to look at other options to obtain mesos. And that’s what this guide is, a 2020 meso guide!

At this point leveling a Kanna past level 200 and farming in the Arcane Maps (considered meta) is your decision, but just be aware it’ll take quite sometime before you can 1-shot the mobs while also wearing meso gear.

Grab a beer/milk/tequila/juice and let’s begin!

1. Creating a Jett

An excellent idea is to create a Jett (yes, they’re awful to level) and level it up to level 140. Upon reaching this level you can get a 3% meso obtain effect when you place him/her on your Legion Board, allowing you to obtain more mesos when you kill monsters/bosses. PLUS you’ll get a Critical Damage % Link Skill as well, so definitely worth leveling a Jett!

2. Daily Bosses and Power Crystals

Doing your daily bosses is a fantastic way of obtaining mesos, plus other loots you sell. Below are their meso drops:

Easy Zakum: 200k

Normal Zakum: 612k

Easy Papulatus: 684.5k

Easy Magnus: 722k

Normal Hilla: 800k

Easy Horntail: 882k

Normal Root Abyss: 968k

Normal Horntail: 1.01m

Easy Von Leon: 1.06m

Easy Arkarium: 1.15m

Caoong: 1.25m

Chaos Horntail: 1.35m

Normal Pink Bean: 1.4m

Normal Von Leon: 1.46m

Normal Arkarium: 2.52m

Hard Von Leon: 2.45m

Normal Magnus: 2.59m

Normal Papulatus: 2.67m

Hard Hilla: 2.74m

Chaos Pink Bean: 2.81m

Easy Cygnus: 7.81m

Normal Cygnus: 11.25m

Chaos Zakum: 12.8m

Chaos Von Bon/Pierre/Bloody Queen: 14.45m

Hard Magnus: 16.2m

Chaos Vellum: 18.05m

Chaos Papulatus: 20m

Normal Suu: 22.05m

Normal Demian: 23.11m

Normal Lucid: 24.18m

Hard Demian: 36.45m

Hard Suu: 39.2m

Hard Lucid: 45m

This was taken from ( )

These bosses drop Power Crystals which can be sold to NPC named “Collector”. Just be aware you can only sell 60 power crystals per week, so prioritize to the strongest bosses (that you can manage currently) since those sell the highest.


3. Maple Tour

After Nexon said Bye Bye to the Bye Bye Station change, they created a total new system called Maple Tour. The way this works is similar to Monster Park where you can finish different instanced maps arranged by level gaps. This can be done 7 times per day and only 2 are free. You can pay for 5 extra runs for 300 Maple Points.

Made a quick table to show the figures:




Buying extra runs is up to you but the table above shows at quick glance the difference between free runs versus paid ones.

4. Ursus Runs

Fighting this mighty beast is another way of earning mesos in Reboot while taking advantage of the 2x mesos earned when you defeat him. This time is currently during 9 – 11 PM UTC time. Double check your zones so you don’t miss this!

Every run will net you roughly 32M and you can do this 3 times per day, giving you a total of 96M daily.

5. Big Spider/Mutant Pig Familiars

Big Spider and Mutant Pig familiars have a +60% item and meso drop which stacks with cash shop coupons but doesn’t with other 2x “Use tab” buffs.

Having those comes in handy in the long run and it’s almost a must to get for your maple career. Item drop is also a very important potential for Reboot so the more you have the better.

Even though I am including the Pig Mutant Familiar I highly recommend sticking with the Big Spider familiar as it’s easier to obtain as opposed to the Pig Mutant one, where it has a really low drop rate card (to gain it, sort of like a Pokeball. First catch and then use).



Final Comments

This is definitely not the prime of Reboot Meso farming as Bye Bye Station was just top notch when it came to earning mesos. But these are in my opinion nice ways of earning mesos in Reboot during 2020, but you can follow your own advise and earn mesos as you please. I think this quick guide will help those who don’t know much of Maplestory when they’re starting and might come in handy when they begin their Maple journey.

Remember, this is YOUR story. Play at your pace and enjoy the game.


Thanks for reading! Leave comments below!


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