Maplestory Maple Points in Reboot 2020!


Maplestory Maple Points in Reboot 2020!

As we previously discussed MapleStory is a free 2d Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game where you can of course purchase items or services to give you a boost in the game. This is the case for regular serves whereas on the other hand we have a server called “Reboot” where you’re not allowed to sell/trade/buy items from other players. Meaning Reboot is a “Massively Single player Online Role Playing Game” and to progress on this server you need a ton of mesos throughout your maple career. Maple Points also give you a nice boost to further your progression in Reboot.

You’re wondering how? Grab a seat and let’s discuss!

1. Arcane River Express Pass.

This allows you to skip your Arcane River Dailies and just purchase them using Maple Points. Each map (Ex: Vanishing Journey) will cost you 300 Maple Points for their respective Arcane Symbols. You can also purchase their respective quests for more 300 Maple Points.

2. Maple Tour.

You can clear this instanced dungeon based map 7 times on a daily basis, but only 2 runs are free. You can spend 300 Maple Points and purchase 5 extra ones. This allows you to earn extra mesos by the end of the week.

How to purchase Maple Points in Reboot?

Simple. Swap to a regular server and purchase Prepaid NX (ONLY PREPAID NX CAN BUY MAPLE POINTS, not credit or anything else) so you can buy Maple Point Coupons, that are available in regular servers. Your Prepaid NX is account based and it reflects in Reboot and regular servers. You can purchase three Maple Point Coupons of 10k, 30k and 50k. Swap back into Reboot and spend your Maple Points as you wish!

Check out my YouTube video below covering the above! Might be easier to watch than to read.

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