Maplestory Arcane River Symbol Dailies Guide 2020!



So you finally made it to the Arcane maps in Maplestory, congratulations! Now begins the tedi- exciting part of more dailies added to your maple career.

Let’s begin!

Vanishing Journey

Goal is pretty much kill designated monsters, collect and bring back. Ba-da-beem, Ba-da-done!


Chu Chu Island

Goal is to gather necessary ingredients requested by NPC. Run it a couple of times and you’ll quickly learn which monsters drop what. Boss drops the cherry looking fruit. Also, not sure when it changed but previously pets used to pick up the fruits by mistake. Seems that’s no longer an issue, so you can leave your pets out.

TLDR? Kill, collect requested ingredient, bring back. Ba-da-beem, Ba-da-done!

Monsters & Ingredients below:

Blue Catfish: Tart Fins

Pinedeer: Sweet Hoof

Bighorn Pinedeer: Spicy Hoof

Birdshark: Unpleasant Talon

Unripe Wolfruit: Chewy Sole

Ramanana: Sour Peel

Crilia: Slimy Feather

Rhyturtle: Crunchy Shell

Patriarch Birdshark: Chewy Talon

Angry Flyon: Zesty Mane

Ewenana: Greasy Peel

Green Catfish: Savory Fin

Ripe Wolfruit: Soft Sole

Boss Rhyturtle: Soft Shell

Patriarch Crilia: Sticky Feather

Flyon: Fresh Mane

Slurpy Tree: Slurpy Fruit


Goal is to keep defeating monsters in PURPLE maps. Once you reach the purple map, kill all monsters until it flashes back to YELLOW. Once it turns yellow, find another purple map and go savage once again. Rinse and repeat to level up floors. Every 10th floor will be a checkpoint so once you re-start you begin on the last 10th floor. Example: Started at floor 50, failed at floor 56, next time you’ll unfortunately begin at floor 50. But if you start at floor 50 and manage to pull trough past floor 60, then next time you’ll begin at floor 60. Yes? Ba-da-beem, Ba-da-done!


I f***ng hate this daily. Who said that? Not me. Goal here is to go around the map saving those little spirit b_stards. Follow the map for the red objects, those are the spirits. But beware once you save the spirits you’ll get an ugly looking spirit chasing you around the map. The more spirits you save and hold, the bigger the ugly looking spirit will be. Once you save the spirits they’ll tag along you, so make sure you bring them back to the middle bottom section of the map. Once saved and delivered, rinse and repeat! Yes? Ba-da-beem, Ba-da-done!



Goal of this more butt map is similar to Vanishing Journey. Kill, collect, bring back, get rewards. You may get a special quest requesting you to find vanishing erda by “That Day in Trueffet”. Go to any That Day in Trueffet maps and check the map for any “hidden portals”. They show on the minimap so it should be easy to find. Go in that portal, kill all monsters, advance to next maps until you’re back in Morass. Yes? Ba-da-beem, Ba-da-done!


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