Genshin Impact has taken the gaming community’s attention for quite a while (including months prior it’s release date) specially due to it’s similar design and gameplay to Zelda’s Breath of the Wild. The game is an open world free to play gacha single player role playing game, developed by the studio known as MiHoYo. The developers have constantly addressed this Breath of the Wild similarities by stating they indeed took some inspiration from it and it’s currently released on the computer, PlayStation 4 and mobile. The burning question is if this game is worth playing?

Above anything else I’ve always been a huge fan of role playing games (Tales series, final fantasy, etc.) and when I first saw footage of this marvelous gorgeous beautiful game I honestly became a fan within seconds. It’s graphics are sort of anime looking while keeping a realistic approach to gameplay. When you walk around the fields and towns you feel everything is engaging with you, the game flow, soundtrack (top notch), scenery, and much more! Even though it’s considered a single player game you do interact with a lot of NPCs throughout your gaming experience, thus not making you feel so lonely at times. But you CAN in fact play with other players trough the co-op system (we talk about it in a few).

Impact yourself to a nice chair (or toilet, up to you) and let’s begin!



When it comes to a great game the most important factor to consider (in my opinion, bring your torches down!) is how the game plays. What do I mean? Well, what’s the flow of the game like? Is the game glitchy at times? Does it listen to player’s commands instantly? Is there a learning curve to master the game? Well let me tell you Genshin Impact teaches you all these features pretty early in the game, you do learn all the basic movements and skills right from the beginning. And I gotta tell you, the game plays like a master piece. The characters’ movements, skills, abilities, etc all flow excellently as I command it. It’s a fast paced game so you can eliminate your foes as fast as you wish depending how you wish to finish them. I can dash directly to the enemies and cast different skills immediately as I get close to them and all monsters will be affected right away, there won’t be any delays in any sort of way. But do understand the game flow will be immensely affected by which gaming method you play with, PC, Ps4, Mobile, etc. Stronger PC? Smooth criminal. I mean, gameplay. PS4? Sure, runs nicely. Mobile? Uh, sure. But be warned some players stated their phones became heating stoves.

There are currently 24 characters and you have utilize 4 at command, in your party. They’re categorized per “star” levels from 1 star to 5 star, where 5 are obviously the highest ranked characters. You press from 1 to 4 on your keyboard to swap different characters. It’s best to use the best party according to the situation and environment you’re currently in. For example if you’re in a dungeon where there will be fire monsters, it’ll be advantageous to swap any character who uses ice as an element. But obtaining most optimal characters means spending money on the game (did I mention the GACHA part at the beginning?) since you’ll be gambling your way to obtain your desired characters.

There are different elements throughout the field and most of the characters control different elements as well. There are seven elements: Dendro, Anemo, Geo, Electro, Cryo, Pyro and Hydro. And then you summon a demon after enchanting those names. I kid I kid.



You can level up via different methods such as completing storyline quests, side quests, completing domains, daily quests, opening chests (yes, you read that right) and a few others! The leveling speed isn’t too slow but not necessarily speedy, you get what you put. Once you start reaching the higher levels and complete all the main quests/side quests you sort of reach a wall where you no longer have variation to progress, so you end up grinding by opening chests throughout the maps. These net you the most experience and some can be repeated as they re-appear.

You have adventure rank and character ranks. Adventure rank is your entire account rank in the world and the character ranks are pretty much as it sounds, the level of your particular character. You can level up just your party of 4 chosen characters or spread out the experience with all characters under your account, but be aware the sources to keep up all characters is expensive and might be better to focus on your 4 characters (and mainly your favorite character too).

Mora is the money source in the game and you get Mora by various methods, such as completing quests, domains, killing monsters, etc. As you progress everything becomes expensive so manage this wisely!



This is currently a frowned upon feature of the game since getting together or allowing other players to join your world has a few handicaps. For starters you can only do certain domains together (can’t do storyline quests together) and other features can’t be accomplished together either. Another reason is a player can join your world and he/she/it/blue can take advantage by mining a specific rock where it would need days to respawn, thus leaving you waiting in the meantime. They can go around your world, take whatever they need and then leave. So most players aren’t allowing anyone to join their serves (as so do I). You do this by going into your settings → Co-op Mode → “My Multiplayer” change to “Join After Approval”.



Ah, the real core of the game. As you know Gacha games are usually “free” that include other paying features you can purchase as you wish. Genshin Impact has this system called “Wishes” where you purchase characters and/or weapons depending on what you get. This is sort of like buying a lottery ticket, you don’t know what you’ll win but you know you’ll be disappointed no matter what. You can purchase as many “wishes” (like tickets) as you want until you obtain whichever character you wanted to get. The success rate of obtaining the best characters (which are 5 stars) are pretty low, so invest wisely. Don’t go spending your rent money on this.


Conclusion and Opinion:

While the game is locked down as a gacha game I can honestly say you should definitely try it out, it’s hands down one of the best games to ever come out in a while. Specially if you’re a Zelda Breath of the Wild fan, you’ll love this one. As long as you are wise at spending money on the game and don’t get caught up in a constant spending spree (or you can, up to you. I ain’t your papa) you can still enjoy the game all the way to the end of the storyline. You don’t necessarily need to spend money to enjoy all the game’s features, it’s still a very fun game regardless. Don’t forget it’s also just the beginning of it’s release so it’ll have constant updates coming up for the future too.

What do you think of the game? Are you enjoying it so far? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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